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In  this blog we will be recapping all the work which we did on respiration and breathing as well as answering any questions which you may need clarification on. I am posting a series of questions which you may attempt. You do not need to answer the questions in chronological order, choose any you may want to answer. However, please indicate the number for the question which you are answering. I will be replying directly to your comments!

Any question can be answered more than once. If you see that a colleague has already answered a question which you would like to answer reply directly her comment. For example if Stacy answers question 1 and you would like to do the same reply to the comment which Stacy has posted, this will make it easier to have discussions. 

1. What is the difference between breathing and respiration?
2. What is the equation for respiration? Can you give a brief explanation for this equation?
3. What are the parts of the respiratory system? Give the function of each! (No one person has to state all the parts and functions you can do maybe 1 or 2 and leave some for your colleagues)
4. What happens during inhalation?
5. What happens during exhalation?
6. What effect does exercise have on the respiratory system? (long term/ short term) 
7. What is an oxygen debt?
8. How is an oxygen debt formed in th

    3J Blog 

    This blog was created so that the website can become more interactive and ofcourse to help in your course of Biology. 

    I will be posting blogs on various topics and we can have online discussions which can help to clarify any misconceptions which you all may have and also it is a great way to learn as we will be learning from each other.

    These blog sessions will also help in your preparation for your exams!  

    TTYL :)

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